PVC Curtain MSDS

 Standard PVCStrip Grade
 DIN 53 479
 Shore A Hardness
 DIN 53 505
  Sh A
 Brittle Point
 DIN 53 372
 Approx -35
 Degree Celsius
 Falling Ball Test
 Internal Test
 -20 No Break
 Degree Celsius
 DIN 51 949
 -20 No Break
 Degree Celsius
 Water Absorption
 DIN 53 472
 Tensile strength
 DIN 53 455
 Tensile Stress
 DIN 53 455
 Rupture Resistance
 DIN 53 515
 Reaction to Fire
 DIN 53 382
 Based on US MVSS 302
 Light Transmittion
 Sound Reduction

Food Grade Certificate

We are the only PVC Curtain supplier in Malaysia who can offer most kind of certificate and material data sheet to required client. Those certification are very useful for application licensing such as halal license and ISO certificate. As a PVC curtain supplier in Malaysia, we are always doing our best to satisfy client needs. Besides PVC curtain raw material, we also supplying fabricated product in Malaysia such as Transparent roller blinds for outdoor purpose, PVC sealed packaging for furniture factory and etc.

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