Door-PVC Curtain

PV Strip Curtain Malaysia

PVC Strip Curtain is a transparent Curtain system are made up of a series of 200mm or 300mm wide strip overlap clamped together at the top and suspended vertically. The track system is either wall or ceiling mounted. The solid metal brackets are designed to properly support the weight of the material and avoid potential tearing. It is being secured with bolts to the mounting hardware.

We have been supplying this product more than 7 years in domestically Malaysia, Australia ,Singapore, Japan, Canada, Brunei and etc. 
As PVC strip curtain are commonly replace a normal wood door to a door-PVC curtain, the market is getting larger and larger. Most of our client choose to replace door-PVC curtain because it can be easier for trolley, forklift to enter the isolated area. 

There are plenty of name to this product such as, PVC curtain, PVC Strip curtain, Isolation Curtain, Anti Insect Curtain, Plastic strip curtain, Door-PVC curtain, car wash curtain, sliding transparent curtain and etc.

Wide Variety of Applications

 -Large walk-in coolers / freezers.

-Refrigerated tracks / Temperature controlled lorries.

-Forklift ares / conveyor areas.

-Dust, spray or fume barriers.

-Industrial enclosure, dust or noise control for medium to heavy machinery.

-Room divisions / Temporary or Permanent partitioning.

-Dock doors with medium wind resistance.


-Anti Static Field in Semi conductor industry.

-Outdoor applications.

Standard Strip Specification

Overlapping: 50mm

Thickness: 2.0mm 

Width: 200mm

Weight: +- 320g / SF

Color: Transparent with see-though Blue / Yellow Tint / Red Tint / Black Tint / Solid Black / Frosted

Function and Features: Normal / Anti UV (Ultra Violet) / Anti Insect / Anti Static / Ribbed

Operating  Temperature: -10°F to + 140°F  /  -20°C to 60°C

Origin: Europe / China / Taiwan / Malaysia

Advantages of Using PVC Strip Curtain:

-Transparent with providing visibility
-Trap chilled air in your desired area
-Reducing noise level
-Reducing dust and fume
-Reducing expensive fuel bills
-Improving workplace safety
-Improving working area
-Helping to exclude birds, inserts and vermin
-Reduce UV passing through

Available Size of PVC Curtain

2mm thickness PVC curtain
2mm x 200mm
3mm x 300mm
4mm x 400mm

Yellow tint PVC curtain

2mm x 200mm

3mm x 300mm

PVC flexible sheet
1mm x 1.2m
2mm x 1.2m
3mm x 1.2m
4mm x 1.2m
5mm x 1.2m
Solid black PVC curtain
2mm x 200mm
Red tint PVC curtain

2mm x 200mm

PVC Ribbed Curtain

2mm x 200mm

Profile Hanger

Stainless Steel Profile
Stainless Steel Profile

Stainless Steel profile common use in cold room and food industry. It meets the food grade requirements.
Sliding Profile System
Sliding Track

Sliding Track for PVC Curtain easier to passing through and it could be close after the transaction.

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