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customade wallpaper
Nowadays wallpaper has become more famous and popular as one of the home decoration or design to house owners. Install wallpaper at house or office apparently makes longer lasting to the wall and nice looking. We offering custom made and ready made two types of wallpaper. Both are origin Malaysia. Wallpaper Malaysia has playing a very important supply source in Malaysia market because wallpaper Malaysia using a good quality wood to produce the raw paper. It is very easy to recognize the difference quality of wallpaper between Malaysia with other countries.

Advantages to Install Wallpaper

The most visible benefit of wallpaper is the dramatic change in the looks of the rooms. A new pattern breathes a new life in a room. In some cases, the room looks completely renovated with just a simple change of wallpaper.
wallpaper sample wall

Second most important benefit of wallpaper is the absence of the nauseating smell of paint. A very small portion of the population is allergic to the new latex based paints.

It is relatively easy to the strip the wallpaper down and installs a new one. This is the benefit that many contractors cite in favor of wallpaper.

customake wallpaper

Another benefit of wallpaper is the availability of vinyl wallpaper that makes cleaning a simple thing. Just a couple of swaps of wet cloth and you are done.

Installing wallpaper is relatively hassling free. It takes just a day for the wallpaper to dry out. This benefit of wallpaper outshines every other wall decoration and covering available.

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Sample Walls

wallpaper sample wall
wallpaper sample wall
wallpaper sample wall

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